Evaporative Cooler, Cool-Space 350

Fast-acting, bone-chilling evaporative cooling.

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The Hottest Thing in Cooling. 

Need rapid cooling that's cheaper than A/C and more powerful than fans? Meet Cool-Space 350. This versatile swamp cooler is a blizzard in a box, capable of covering up to 2,300 square feet (213.6 square meters) in comfortable cold. It's highly portable, too, which makes it ideal for large indoor and outdoor spaces like porches, auto bays, or warehouses. And it boasts 10 hours of hoseless runtime, so even if your plans change, the temperature won't.

Key Features

  • Quickly cool indoor and outdoor spaces by up to 33 °F (18 °C)
  • Coverage area of up to 2,300 square feet (213.6 square meters)
  • Virtually silent direct-drive motors with variable speed controls and pump switch
  • Internal water reservoir supplied by standard garden hose
  • 8-inch (20-centimeter) resin-treated, GreenGuard Gold-certified cooling media is algae and
    mold resistant for cleaner, more efficient performance
  • User-friendly controls and variable speed settings
  • 20-inch (50.8-centimeter) fan diameter

Unmatched Cooling Media

Our innovative cooling media is made from 8-inch thick, cross-corrugated, angle-fluted formulated cellulose to optimize cooling and efficiency, with a thermosetting resin that stops problematic algae growth before it starts. And did we mention it’s GreenGuard Gold-certified?

Jam-packed with features

Our newest evaporative cooler is engineered to give you the top-of-the-line cooling power you need—and the extra features you want.

  • Easy, intuitive built-in controls and variable speed dial
  • Float valve to regulate water flow
  • Premium remote and occupancy sensor for hands-free operation
Fans and Coolers: The Ultimate Cooling Combo

What's cooler than getting cooled? A cooler-fan combo, that's what. Together, our swamp coolers and fans provide maximum cooling and coverage, silently delivering comfort and energy savings to your facility without costly A/C use.

See it in action

5-10 Year Electrical Warranty Available

Certified Installation Available

More Information
Display Sku E-350-2001
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Special Price $5,000.00
Tech Specs 350 Tech Specs
Warranty Cool-Space Warranty
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