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Clean Air System

  1. Haiku UV-C: Chrome Aluminum
    Haiku UV-C: Chrome Aluminum
    Starting at $1,994.00
  2. Haiku UV-C: Caramel
    Haiku UV-C: Caramel
    Starting at $1,744.00
  3. Haiku UV-C: Cocoa
    Haiku UV-C: Cocoa
    Starting at $1,744.00
  4. Haiku UV-C: Satin Nickel
    Haiku UV-C: Satin Nickel
    Starting at $1,994.00
  5. Haiku UV-C: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    Haiku UV-C: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    Starting at $1,994.00
  6. Haiku UV-C: Brushed Copper
    Haiku UV-C: Brushed Copper
    Starting at $2,244.00
  7. Haiku UV-C: Brushed Aluminum
    Haiku UV-C: Brushed Aluminum
    Starting at $1,994.00
  8. Haiku UV-C: Aluminum Driftwood
    Haiku UV-C: Aluminum Driftwood
    Starting at $1,994.00
  9. Haiku UV-C: Aluminum White
    Haiku UV-C: Aluminum White
    Starting at $1,744.00
  10. Haiku UV-C: Aluminum Black
    Haiku UV-C: Aluminum Black
    Starting at $1,744.00

  1. AirEye Ion: Pedestal Mount with Wheels
    AirEye Ion: Pedestal Mount with Wheels
    Starting at $1,400.00
  2. AirEye Ion: C-Channel/I-Beam
    AirEye Ion: C-Channel/I-Beam
    Starting at $1,250.00
  3. AirEye Ion: Wall Mount
    AirEye Ion: Wall Mount
    Starting at $1,160.00
  4. AirEye Ion: Swivel Mount
    AirEye Ion: Swivel Mount
    Starting at $1,290.00

  1. Essence  UV-C: Silver/Black
    Essence UV-C: Silver/Black
    Starting at $6,895.00
  2. Essence UV-C: Silver/White
    Essence UV-C: Silver/White
    Starting at $6,895.00
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